Top 20 gk Questions SSC CGL 2018

In this Chapter, we will see the "Top 20 gk Questions SSC CGL 2018".
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Top 20 gk Questions SSC CGL 2018

1. Judicial review in the Indian Constitution is based on:
a) Rule of Law
b) Due process of Law
c) Procedure established by Law
d) Precedents and Conventions

2. The Drafting of the Constitution was completed on:
a) 26th Januar, 1950
b) 26th December, 1949
c) 26th November, 1949
d) 30th November, 1949

3.Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly?
a) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru
b) Sardar Patel
c) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
d) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

4.Which innovative discussion process is introduced by the Indian parliament to the World Parliametary systems?
a) Question hour
b) Zero hour
c) Resolutions
d) Presidential Speech

5.The judges of the Supreme Court retire at the age of :
a) 60 years
b) 65 years
c) 62 years
d) 58 years

6.The Greek ambassador sent Chandragupta Maurya’s Court was:
a) Kautilya
b) Seleucus Nicator
c) Megasthenes
d) Justin

7.Identify the European power from whom Shivaji obtained cannons and ammunition:
a) The French
b) The Portuguese
c) The Dutch
d) The English

8.The call of “Bank of the Vedas” was given by:
a) Swami Vivekananda
b) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
c) Aurobindo Ghosh
d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

9.Simons Commission was boycotted by the nationalist leaders of India because:
a) they felt that it was only and eyewash
b) all the members of the Commission were English
c) the members of the Commission were biased against India
d) it did not meet the demands of the India

10.Who among the following British persons admitted the Revolt of 1857 as a national revolt ?
a) Lord Ripon
b) Lord Dalhousie
c) Lord Canning
d) Disraeli

11.How much of the earth’s land surface is desert?
a) 1/10th
b) 1/5th
c) 1/3rd
d) 1/6th

12.Which of the following is called the ‘shrimp capital of India’?
a) Mangalore
b) Nagapatnam
c) Kochi
d) Nellore

13.River Indus originates from :
a) Hindukush range
b) Himalayan range
c) Karakoram range
d) Kailash range

14.The lowest layer of the atmosphere is :
a) Stratosphere
b) Thermosphere
c) Troposphere
d) Mesosphere

15.The Konkan Railway connects:
a) Goa-Mangalore
b) Rohan-Mangalore
c) Kanyakumari-Mangalore
d) Kanyakumari- Mumbai

16. Har Govind Khorana shared noble prize worked in the field of –
(1) Bio chemistry         
(2) Medical science
(3) Economics             
(4) Literature

17. Who discovered vaccination for Rabies –
(1) Jenner                     
(2) Pasture
(3) Darwin                   
(4) Lister

18. Scientist who discovered Anopheles mosquito transmit malaria –
(1) Ronald Ross           
(2) C. V. Raman
(3) A. Fleming             
(4) Max Plank

19. Blood Group is discovered by –
(1) Landsteiner               
(2) Robert Koch
(3) Willum Harvy         
(4) Loius Pasture

20. Scientist who laid the foundation of bacteriology –
(1) Leeuwenhock         
(2) Loius Pasteure
(3) Willum Herve         
(4) Edward Jenner

Answers:- "Top 20 gk Questions SSC CGL 2018"

1. c) Procedure established by Law
2. c) 26th November, 1949
3. b) Sardar Patel
4. b) Zero hour
5. b) 65 years
6. c) Megasthenes
7. b) The Portuguese
8. b) Swami Dayanand Saraswati
9. b) all the members of the Commission were English
10.d) Disraeli
11.b) 1/5th
12.d) Nellore
13.d) Kailash range
14.c) Troposphere
15.b) Rohan-Mangalore
16.(2) Medical science
17.2) Pasture
18.(1) Ronald Ross
19.(1) Landsteiner
20.(2) Loius Pasteure

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