SSC CGL 2018 Gk Questions

In this chapter, we will sell all the important SSC CGL 2018 Gk Questions 
SSC CGL 2018 Gk Questions

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1. Which is an example of thermosetting polymer?
(a) Polythene
(b) PVC
(c) Neoprene
(d) Bakelite

2. A broad spectrum antibiotic is
(a) paracetamol
(b) penicillin
(c) aspirin
(d) chloramphenicol

3. Chloramphenicol is an
(a) analgesic
(b) antipyretic
(c) antiseptic
(d) antibiotic

4. Synthetic detergents are more effective in hard water than soaps because
(a) they are non-ionic
(b) their Ca++ and Mg++ salts are insoluble in water
(c) their Ca++ and Mg++ salts are water soluble
(d) they are highly soluble in water

5. Which of the following is used as a ‘morning after pill’
(a) Norethindrone
(b) Ethynylestradiol
(c) Mifepristone
(d) Bithional

6. The use of chemicals for treatment of diseases is called as
(a) Homoeotherapy
(b) Isothermotherapy
(c) Angiotherapy
(d) Chemotherapy

7. Which of the following drugs is a tranquilizer and sedative
(a) Sulphadiazine
(b) Papaverine
(c) Equanil
(d) Mescaline

8. Streptomycin, well known antibiotic, is a derivative of
(a) peptides
(b) carbohydrates
(c) purines
(d) terpenes

9. Penicillin was first discovered by
(a) A. Fleming
(b) Tence and Salke
(c) S. A Waksna
(d) Lewis Pasteur

10. Washing soap can be prepared by saponification with alkali of which of the following oil
(a) Rose oil
(b) Paraffin oil
(c) Groundnut oil
(d) Kerosene oil

Answers : -  SSC CGL 2018 Gk Questions  More Quiz On ownboss

  1. (c) Neoprene 
  2. (d) chloramphenicol
  3. (d) antibiotic
  4. (c) their Ca++ and Mg++ salts are water soluble
  5. (c) Mifepristone 
  6. (d) Chemotherapy
  7. (c) Equanil 
  8. (b) carbohydrates
  9. (a) A. Fleming 
  10. (c) Groundnut oil 
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