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important questions of gk

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General Awareness Quiz For SSC CHSL Exam 2015

1.The Eleventh Schedule of the Constitution is related with which of the following?

(A) Municipality
(B) Panchayati Raj
(C) Centre-State relationship
(D) Removal of corruption

2. By which Constitutional amendment Delhi was given the status of National Capital Region ?

(A) 67th 
(B) 69th
(C) 68th 
(D) 70th

3. Which of the following British companies got the first charter permitting them to trade in India ?

(A) Levant Company
(B) East India Company
(C) The English Company trading to the East Indies
(D) Ostend Company

4. In British System Raiyatvari land revenue collection was prevalent in 

(A) North India 
(B) East India
(C) West India 
(D) South India

5. Which one of the following statements about Alberuni is not correct ?

(A) He was a secular author.
(B) His writing was influenced by living India of his age.
(C) He was a Sanskrit scholar.
(D) He was an expert of trigonometry

6. How many women members were there in the Indian Constituent Assembly ?

(A) 15 
(B) 13
(C) 12 
(D) 10

7. When was the third reading of the Indian Constitution started in the Constituent Assembly?

(A) 14th November, 1949
(B) 14th November, 1948
(C) 25th November, 1948
(D) 25th November, 1949

8. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court regarded Preamble as a part of the basic structure of Indian Constitution ?

(A) Beru Bari case
(B) A.K. Gopalan case
(C) Privy Purse case
(D) Keshwanand Bharti case

9. Match items of List-I with those of List-II and select your correct answer from the codes given below the lists :
 List-I     List-II

A. Tirrukkural         1. Love Story
B. Tolkappiyan         2. Philosophy
C. Silppadikaram  3. Merchant Story
D. Manimekalaya  4. Grammar
         Code :

 A  B  C  D 
(A) 1 2 4 3
(B) 2 3 4 1
(C) 4 2 3 1
(D) 2 4 1 3

10. Which ‘ray’ is used for cure in intestinal disease ?

(A) X-ray 
(B) Alfa-ray
(C) Beta-ray 
(D) Gama-ray

11.The social status assigned to the foreigners in Indian society by Manu was of the 

(A) Kshatriyas 
(B) Fallen Kshatriyas
(C) Vaishyas
(D) Sudras

12. Soil-conservation is a process in which

(A) Infertile soil transforms into fertile soil
(B) Soil is depleted
(C) Soil is eroded
(D) Solid is protected from erosion

13. When sky is seen from an aeroplane at high altitude, it appears 

(A) Blue 
(B) Black
(C) White 
(D) Red

14. The focusing in the eye is done by

(A) change in the convexity of the lens
(B) to and fro movement of the lens
(C) to and fro movement of the retina
(D) change in the refractive index of the eye fluid

15. Which of the following features of citizenship in India is correct?

(A) Dual citizenship of the State and Nations.
(B) Single citizenship of a State.
(C) Single citizenship of whole of India.
(D) Dual citizenship of India and another Country

16. In which of the following countries FIFA World Cup matches were played in 2018?

(A) Germany 
(B) Netherland 
(C) Russia 
(D) Spain

17. In which of the following cities India’s second ‘Forensic University’ is proposed to be established?

(A) Lucknow 
(B) Varanasi
(C) Agra 
(D) Rampur

18. Increasing investment in human capital leads towards

(A) Proper utilization of resources
(B) Increase in productivity
(C) Development of skill
(D) All of the above

19. Which among the following has been selected as the cultural capital of SAARC region for 2015?

(A) Lumbini (Nepal)
(B) Bamiyan (Afghanistan)
(C) Sarnath (India)
(D) Dhaka (Bangladesh)

20. Which one of the following refers to occupational structure of population?

(A) Number of persons living in the country
(B) Size of working population.
(C) Distribution of working population among different occupations.
(D) Nature of different occupations.

21. Green Revolution was the result of adoption of New Agricultural Strategy which was introduced in 20th Century during decades of

(A) Fifties  
(B) Sixties 
(C) Seventies 
(D) Eighties

22. Which one of the following is the major feature of the Indian economy?

(A) A capitalist economy
(B) A socialist economy
(C) A mixed economy
(D) None of the above

23. National Rural Drinking Water Programme is one of the components of 

(A) Social Protection Program
(B) Bharat Nirman
(C) Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar  Yojana
(D) Poverty Alleviation Programmes

24. Which one of the following types of mirror is used to see traffic behind the car?
(A) Convex mirror 
(B) Concave mirror
(C) Plane mirror 
(D) Spherical mirror

25.Which of the following is an Disk Operating System (DOS) command? 


26.A type of internet account, in which the computer is not connected directly to the net. 

(A)Shell Account    
(B)Kernel Account
(C)Server Account    
(D)TCP/IP Account

26.The gas used to extinguish fire is 

(C)Carbon dioxide    
(D)Carbon monoxide

27.The non-metal found in the liquid state is 


28.Ionisation energy of nitrogen is greater than that of oxygen because nitrogen has 

(A)high bond dissociation energy    
(B)smaller atomic radius
(C)stable half filled 2p sub level
(D)high nuclear charge

29.Sulphuric acid is 


30.Which one of the following group of gases contribute to the ‘‘Green House Effect’’? 

(A)Carbon dioxide and Methane
(B)Ammonia and Ozone
(C)Carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide
(D)Carbon tetrafluoride and Nitrous oxide

31.Which of the following series is true about energy flow in an ecosystem? 

(A)Producers ,Decomposers,Consumers
(B)Decomposers ,Consumers  ,Producers
(C)Producers , Consumers ,Decomposers
(D)Consumers, Producers , Decomposers

32.Which of the following three R's are regarded as environmentally friendly? 

(A)Reduce, Rebuild, Restrict.     
(B)Random, Reduce, Recall.
(C)Read, Register, Recall
(D)Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

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