Important Gk Questions of SSC LDC Exams

In this chapter, we will see the Important Gk Questions of SSC LDC Exams. This will helps you to know about the Questions pattern as these all are previous year gk questions.

Important Gk Questions of SSC LDC Exams

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1.  Web pages are created by using — HTML

2. Seismometer was invented by — Luigi Palmieri

3. Deficiency of _____ causes non-clotting of blood. —Vitamin K

4. The process of producing energy in plants is known as — Photosynthesis

5. Which Virus causes Chicken Pox? — Herpes Zoster Virus

6. Sweating is an ______ reaction. — Endothermic

7. Name the catalyst used in the conversion of milk into curd — Lactase

8. Bibi ka Maqbara was built by — Azam Shah

9. In which state of India ‘Bodo language’ is primarily spoken? — Assam

10. A company faces a -2.5 price elasticity of demand for its product. It is presently selling 10,000 units/month. If
it wants to increase the quantity sold by 6%, it must lower its price by — 2.40%

11. Lowering of the value of a currency relative to a foreign reference currency is called — Devaluation

12. What does BOD5 refer to? — Biochemical Oxygen Demand in 5 days

13. Kanha National Park saving the rare and almost extinct species of the Swamp Deer, also known as — Barasingha
14. Which is the highest grossing movie of all time? — Avatar

15. Which state in India has the largest coverage area of forest? — Madhya Pradesh

16. Longest day in the Northen hemisphere is — 21st June

17. World War I broke out in the year — 1914

18. Name the poet who wrote ‘Prithviraj Raso’, a Poem describing Prithviraj Chauhan’s life — Chand Bardai

19. _______ is the 2016 Oscar Winner for Best Supporting Actress. — Alicia Vikander

20. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction is Newton’s — Third law

21. What is false about displacement? — It is always positive

22. The Governor takes the oath of office by — Chief Justice of High Court

23. Which fundamental right is abolished by the 44th Amendment? — Right to Property

24. In which sport in Asian Games, India has won maxi-mum Gold Medals? — Athletics

25. ‘An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny’ is a biography on — Sonia Gandhi

1. Microsoft Office is an — System Software

2. Venn diagram was invented by — John Venn

3. What is the total number of bones in the human body? — 206

4. Emblica Officinalis is the scientific name of — Amla

5. Sponges belong to the phylum — Porifera

6. The release of _____ is the primary reason for depletion of the ozone layer. — Chlorofluro Carbon

7. O2 molecules are joined by a — Double covalent bond

8. The renowned Temple at Ranakpur is a _____ Temple.— Jain

9. Jalikattu ia associated with — Pongal

10. If price of an article decreases from Rs.12 to Rs.10, quantity demanded increases from 1000 units to 1400 units. Find point elasticity of demand — -2.4

13. Corbett National Park was established to protect which animal? — Bengal Tigers

14. Subramanya Bharathi was a noted — Poet

15. Which state does not share a common border with Chhattisgarh? — Andhra Pradesh

16. Name the longest river in India. — Ganga

17. Quit India Movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi in — 1942

18. Which Freedom Fighter addressed Mahatma Gandhi as ‘Father of the Nation’ for the 1st time? — Subhash Chandra Bose

19. Name the first Indian who got Nobel Prize in Physics. — CV Raman

20. Which physical quantity is measured in ‘Siemens’? — Electrical Conductance

21. The rate of change of momentum is — Force

22. ______ is not the aims of Lok Adalat. — Give the power to rule in the hands of the common man

23. What is the salary per month of the President of India? — Rs. 1,50,000

24. Shital Mahajan is associated with which sport? — Sky Diving

25. Who is the author of the book, ‘A Suitable Boy’? —Vikram Seth

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