Important Gk Questions of SSC CGL Tier-1

In this Chapter, we will see all the "Important Gk Questions of SSC CGL Tier-1". Since we know that the expected date of SSC CGL 2018 will we in September So be ready.

Important Gk Questions of SSC CGL Tier-1
Important Gk Questions of SSC CGL Tier-1

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01. National Emergency is defined under article?352.
02. Rekha the storybook book was written by?Yasser Usman
03. Father of World Wide Web (WWW)?Tim Berners-Lee
04. How many bits consist of an IP address?32 bit
05. Which vitamin is provided by Sun Rays?D
06. What is Loss of electron is called?oxidation
07. In India who has the right to appoint Governor?President
08. Name of Ganga river in Bangladesh?Padma
09. The Malacca Strait divides which two Islands?Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) and the South China Sea (Pacific Ocean)
10. SI unit of Electric Current?Ampere
11. Nephrons are part of which system?Kidney
12. The latitudes that pass through Sikkim also passes through?Rajasthan
13. Who was Anpadh Raja?Akbar
14. S. Sai Praneeth related to which sport?Badminton
15. Jan 2017 TPP exit country?USA
16. Literal meaning of certiorari?To be Certified
17. What is the product of Mass velocity called?momentum
18. Which gas is released in the Bhopal gas tragedy?methyl isocyanate (MIC)
19. What is the minimum age for the governor?35
20. Which is the Ore of aluminium?Cryolite
21. Fundamentals duties are included in which part of the Constitution ?Part IV-A
22. My story book is written by which famous cricketer?Michael Clarke
23. Acid rain consists of which of the following ?Nitrogen Dioxide
24. Who won nobel peace prize for 2016 ?Juan Manuel Santos
25. Who won 2016 US opens men s final Championship Trophy ?Stan Wawrinka
26. Which Blood group is Universal Acceptor ?AB
27. President of India is a member of which house?House of the People.
28. Bardoli satyagraha was started by? Sardar Patel
29. An era of darkness book is writeen by?Shashi tharoor.
30. Chemical formula of salt (Sodium Chloride) ?Nacl
31. India has signed an agreement with which country regarding crude oil (petroleum)?UAE
32. The Supreme court in British India was established underRegulating Act of 1773
33. Muslim League first demanded partition of India in1940
34. What is 49th Parallel line?Border between USA and Canada
35. What is the Full form of JPEG?Joint Photographic Experts Group
36. What is Insulin ?Hormone (Protein)
37. Madhuri Dixit associated with which dance form?Kathak
38. "Gambits' is associated with which Sport?Chess
39. Which country is not a member of SAARC ?China
40. What is Endothermic reaction?Reaction which absorbs heat
41. Edible part of cinnamon?Bark
42. Last layer of atmosphere?Exoshpehere
43. Which country build 500 houses for Jewish ?Israel
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